Our slave is now only a Human Latrine.(Human toilet pay with shitting and pissing into slaves face)
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Today I use my new hole, my shithole! I baptize it in the name, Lady’s Earth Closet :) It’s amazing he make a really good Swallow Job. The big slave mouth swallow my shit. And it is also very versatile. A Earth Closet with shoe cleaning function. I’ll try it in the next time with my girlfriends.
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The Toilet mouth from my toilet slave is blocked. His mouth is full of shit! He was apparently used too often. No wonder this morning he was crapped equal of 3 ladies at once. With toilet Plunger the shit is pumped into his mouth and in the nose! I stuff as long as everything in his mouth until the whole shit is swallowed. I must say, this works surprisingly well :) The Plunger surrounds his whole face, his mouth and nose. By the vacuum the shit just like a real toilet just pressed in the hole mouth. Before I go back to the office, I shit again in his mouth!
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We explain in detail, in SPANISH AND ENGLISH, our opinion about the people who buy our clips. We are considering to use any of you as our new REAL human toilet and thats the reason you should know what we think of you. See the clip and note what we think of you and what you will receive into your mouth everyday. If you wish to buy our used panties even the panties we wear in our clips please do it on w w.
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The best diarrhea session ever! Pictures say more than 1000 words! The ultimate kick for all diarrhea lover. A amazing Scat Femdom Humiliation Video with a explosion from diarrhea. My Ass explodes in his mouth and all over his face! You can hear the typical diarrhea fart. Music to the ears of a slave toilet. :) The slave swallows gallons of my diarrhea and he must lick everything clean! Either I have a abdominal influenza or maybe I’ve just eaten something wrong and upset stomach. Anyway, now the slave must suffer!
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Loser eating my shit and masturbates!
A special kind of torture is the jerk on my command! It is not a reward but a punishment! What’s insulting, than having to cumshot with the shit in the mouth on command ?! Even more so when you no Scat KV fetish;) While I humiliate him verbally, order to mastrubated himself and cum on my command, I stuff the shit in his mouth! A very extreme video with hardcore shit feeding, chew and swallow! Scat humiliation, spit fetish, feet domination and trampling to the finish!
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