“–C4S TOP 5 CLIP–My personal best clip to date– I randomly check my boyfriends facebook and find that he’s been messaging other girls, and hes been flirting on TINDER on top of that! Clearly he forgot how cruel I can truly be.. haha i think its time to give him a lesson he’ll never forget and a nice fitting punishment for being such a piece of sht. he wants to be shtty… Ill give him just that.. After bringing him to his knees and forcing him to watch me slowly peel my brown streaked g string from my ass and place it into his mouth, tape wont be needed to make sure they don’t come out.. he moans in horror as I pull out a tight black latex mask with nothing but a hole for his nose and slide it over his head.
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“Lets pretend this pillow is your face as you suck the farts from my hole. I spread open my meaty cheeks nice and wide so my ass hole is pressed directly on your nose. You love the smell of my anal perfume as I spray extra long farts in your nostrils. Now be a good boy and lick my ass clean of all the skid marks, nuggets and juice. You may go to sleep with your face resting on my scented pillow as your reward. Sweet dreams baby!”

Lizzy straddles a pillow and invites us to imagine stuffing our face in her ass as she lets out her long sexy farts. Then she rubs her asshole on the pillow, leaving a nugget of poop and juice from her fuckable ass.

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The other features a punky type of girl who find that the toilet is clogged and not working properly but is really desperate so resorts to using the sink, she farts and shits in the sink, then tries to clean it away but gets too grossed out and bails.
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One of the videos features a girl who appears to have food poisoning or bad stomach cramps of some kind as she seems quite faint and releases some huge waves of diarrhea
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