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Part 1 – Don’t be scared, Bossy will guide you right through it
If there was ever a ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to scat and turning men into shit-swallowing toilets, it’s Bossy Delilah. As she explains in this clip, ‘It’s not a normal life. I teach you to be a slave and a servant. And, I will shove that shit down your throat, no mercy.’
In this clip, The Scat Queen tells you exactly what to expect if you’ve gone beyond the point where fantasizing about asses and ass worship is enough to satisfy you. This is for you if you’ve seen some scat clips and think you’re ready to eat shit.
But, if it’s Bossy’s shit you beg to eat, she gives you fair warning, ‘You’ll dig, eat and suck your way out of it. You’ll stay on the floor, licking ALL of it up.’ And if you change your mind when the shit has left her perfect asshole, too bad, ‘I’ll beat the fucking shit out of you.’
Somehow, despite the and reality of 15 years of Bossy making men eat her shit, she’s irresistible. Her stunning looks, perfect ass and the leather corset she reveals weakens your resistance to futile. She makes you calm and accept you’re ready and she’s the one to guide you through it all. It worked on me – I thought of the heavy chain and very nasty, heavy whip she holds as things to help me keep calm and obedient. I’m ready Bossy Delilah.

Part 2 – Make me proud and eat it all up
The stunning Scat Queen, Bossy Delilah looks down through her toilet chair and asks you about her rules, her shit eating rules.
‘What’s going to happen if you don’t eat all that shit? Hmm? Tell me. That’s right, I’m going to punch you, beat you, cane you, grab you by the fucking throat and choke you’.
And don’t expect Bossy to smear her shit all over herself. Her asshole and butt cheeks will get dirty, her delicious feet will too. And she has no hesitation to use her hands to grab some shit and shove it down your throat. But that’s it, ‘I’m here for those that want to eat shit. Eat it all up, swallow it and be subservient to their Mistress.
‘Get ready,’ Bossy lights up, sits on her toilet chair and rubs herself through her pantyhose and tells (and shows us) that she’s getting wet just with the thought of shitting on you. ‘Open up’, ‘ up my piss, that’s the easy part,’ including the sweet cream.
Positioning her asshole inches from your mouth, she reverse sits and demonstrates expert sphincter control as she serves the grand meal, squeezing off piece after piece of her shit for easy swallowing.
Done shitting, Delilah stands in her heels, behind a good-sized meal and reminds you of her rules… that you need to finish up what’s on the floor. ‘Take a bite, I’m going to whip you before every bite. You’ll scream and I’ll shove your face in my shit with my foot on the back of your head. Eat that all up.’
‘Are you going to eat it? It’s all yours. Make me proud’ and eat it all up.

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